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Your present position:Beijing State Culture

Jing Bang  state vision:
Create world-class audio brand
Jing Bang mission:
Provide superior audio products and services: customer satisfaction, return to shareholders, staff achievements, contributing to society
Core values:
Integrity, customer satisfaction, people-oriented, results-oriented, excellence, teamwork

Jing Bang salespeople ten military regulations state:
1, sales are results-oriented, pragmatic professional, please use the performance to prove your worth.
2. Before you issue complain and complain, think about those outstanding under the same conditions is how to do.
3, call at any instant, to war, war to win! Opener vote for me, vote for me to win!
4, excellent method to actively look for success, mediocrity habitually fail to find a reason.
5. If you want to leave, please bring your honor and bonuses, we are your best references.
6, the customer is God, is our god, you have to stand in the position to consider the issue in customer satisfaction, creating value for customers, for customers to solve problems in the process to obtain the corresponding reward.
7, yesterday's experience today might be an obstacle to the development of a higher level, you need to keep learning and progress.
8, young idler, an old beggar. Today's hard work is hard work for tomorrow's dreams, do not overdraw the pain left in front of a happy future.
9, you enter the one to encourage teamwork business, the company in charge, on the lower level, a close ally of your colleagues are, please do not a person in combat.
10, the Beijing-state sales staff is always like this: The face of difficulties and problems that have more cause analysis solution, and put into action until you get good results.
Jing Bang  Declaration of State Guardian:
I was the patron saint of Guangzhou, 
Jing Bang , I am glad I came to the winners of heaven, we are a group of like-minded, self-improvement, and progressive era of heroes, we reject mediocrity and refused to fear, denial cowardly refused to negative ...... because I am convinced that: here let me take off completely change place

I was the patron saint of Guangzhou, 
Jing Bang , I believe my choice, I reject all negative interference, I want to struggle every day just like raindrops wash mountains, eating tiger ant, the stars illuminate the earth, built the pyramids slaves, I have a brick at a time to build up their success of the hall, because I know that small attempts, persist until I succeed, there is no escape route, have a way out!

I was the patron saint of the state of Guangzhou, Beijing, I love my job, came to this temple every success, I felt full of energy, and I want a lot of action, most people do not like to do, want to do, can not do things, results-oriented work is my habit, I love to refuse, I love the pain, because it made me become more powerful, I tell myself every day, is the key to the success of large wealth, the only criterion is that I do things beyond customer expectations!

I was the patron saint of Guangzhou,
Jing Bang , I was a hero, a hero is a big love! Hero should have their own aspirations and ideals, and faithful to go pursue and pursue determinedly to achieve. No faith, who did not pursue pale, is small, and is poor. I am not a small poor man, I was in Guangzhou to Beijing Pradesh guardian. "Providing high value audio products and services" is my mission, "a world-class audio brand" is our common goals and beliefs!

Guangzhou Jing Bang is a boat in the sea, the wind and waves is a warship! Stage of life by their own cast, Guangzhou, 
Jing Bang  that I create. I'm a sailor, I was a hero, I was  Guangzhou Jing Bang  true guardian state, I will overcome their own on this warship, beyond themselves, their achievements!

No way, way out! Persist until I succeed!

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