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Shanghai International Studies University affiliated Zhejiang HTC school, founded in September 1999, formerly known as Haining HTC experimental school, July 2001, Shanghai International Studies University and the Shanghai International Studies University School Affiliated School, become. In August 2003, the school is divided into primary, primary school and middle school is nine year school. The school was named the national green schools in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province outstanding schools and private schools, Zhejiang province standardization school, Zhejiang Province Experimental School of modern educational technology, teaching and scientific research base, Jiaxing City, Haining city civilization unit.

KING-BANG (Jing Bang) with advanced equipment, perfect campus broadcasting solutions applied to Shanghai International Studies University affiliated Zhejiang Hondar school public broadcasting. The school has a first-class modern educational facilities, campus green grass, beautiful environment, teaching building well-proportioned, good to hear or see. The existing 75 classes, 3109 students, 256 staff, including 129 full-time teachers in 2 special teachers. The main application of public broadcasting system in Shanghai International Studies University affiliated Zhejiang Hondar School of public areas, teaching building, training building, dormitory, canteen, library and sports field. KING-BANG (Jing Bang) according to the Zhejiang HTC School Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University in various regions, different requirements of each broadcast time, broadcast and control of the entire campus broadcasting system. The system can satisfy the requirements of all kinds of broadcasting on campus, which fully meets the requirements of the school's voice notification, listening and listening test. After. Got the school leaders and teachers and students alike.

KING-BANG (Beijing State) in Shanghai International Studies University affiliated Zhejiang Hondar school radio project design requirements to provide solutions of campus radio, reliable and practical information broadcast, background music, emergency broadcast for the campus to create a harmonious, healthy and humane environment. For example: when we design the campus broadcasting system, each grade, dormitory, dining hall, playground etc. each with a separate broadcast area to build, is added in front of divisional controller, when playing by the controller to control the broadcast to each region. Reduced the need to receive some of the radio broadcast some trouble, the move was highly appreciated by the school leadership.

The campus broadcasting system is mainly used for communication, school teaching information on campus needs the bell playing, as well as the development of multimedia campus radio, automatic playback, playback, diversification of pre arrangement of different time play different contents, classroom remote VOD, remote broadcast paging and other functions, meet the school information technology, multimedia teaching, daily English listening teaching and English exam, office of classroom voice broadcast paging broadcast function demand; campus broadcasting system with software operation, remote control, remote operation, remote point broadcast paging, timing playback, temporary spots, emergency broadcast function. KING-BANG (Jing Bang) campus broadcasting solution with its advanced, stable and practical ability to become one of the indispensable infrastructure of campus weak current system!

About KING-BANG (Jing Bang)
KING-BANG (Jing Bang) public broadcasting by the world's most advanced audio signal processing and transmission technology, with a deep understanding of the needs of the users of the excellence of design, stable and reliable quality and affordable price, favor and love has been well received by users, the products sell well in Southeast Asia, the middle East, China mainland, Europe, America and Oceania more than and 80 countries and regions. KING-BANG is the popular best-selling brand, providing the highest cost-effective broadcast products and improve the pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service. KING-BANG the purpose and orientation of public broadcasting: by providing the most valuable public broadcasting products and services to meet the needs of users, and to contribute to the community!
KING-BANG (Jing Bang) public radio series production process strictly enforce the ISO9001:2000 quality standard system, through the ISO9001 international quality certification, 3C certification, waterproof speaker certification, export the EU CE certification, certification of explosion-proof loudspeaker. It is widely applied successfully in all major universities, schools, hotels, commercial building, intelligent community, hospitals, prisons, detention centers, rehabilitation centers, residential street, offices, hotels, supermarkets, telecommunications, customs, electric power, highway, station, wharf, archives, libraries, museums, tourist spots, factories etc. A number of industry units.

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