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Project background
The first primary school of Guangnan county is the first primary school of Guangnan City, covers an area of 37 mu, with a total of 40 classes, with a total of 117 faculty members and a total of 2054 students. There are three main teaching buildings in the school, such as track and field, basketball court, gym room, electric classroom, computer room, teacher's electronic preparation room, teaching department, conference room and other teaching facilities. Up to now, the track and field, the rear door, the basketball court, the toilet and so on have been expanded, and a large number of teaching equipment has been acquired, which makes the hardware construction of the school have been greatly improved.
customer demand
In order to improve the modernization of the school teaching management, diversified development, dissemination of teaching information, while also providing hearing system stability for the school examination system, bring clarity, no noise hearing effect to the students. Therefore, in the school classrooms, each broadcast area mounted wall speaker, to meet the various classrooms, each region can be broadcast and control independently. The control room configuration are the main server, audio equipment, IP network paging talkback microphone, IP network fire alarm host and other peripheral equipment; run configuration control room responsible for the whole system, centralized control of the whole campus radio, can realize the mining sowing, and fire linkage function for shouting words.

Implementation function
1 timing bell (on the school bell music and music playback):
System can be set according to the automatic power supply and control equipment, more than 24 hours a day. Auto play friendly music ringtones, class-break setting-up exercise and radio programs, can be set on the bell and the rest time to play the campus songs and the flag, eye exercises, class-break setting-up exercise everyday, enrich the campus life.
2 fire linkage
Automatically send alarm information to the server, the implementation of the broadcast task, can be arbitrarily set up the adjacent layer alarm, the alarm.
3 point to point control:
In the classroom, the IP broadcast terminal can realize the real-time broadcast of the point to point and the regular broadcast program. At the same time, the different broadcasting programs can be broadcast in different classes, and the personalized program of the point to point can be realized completely.
4 full digital transmission
In order to have independent IP LAN or the Internet as the main transmission medium, support dedicated 100m network transmission, the transmission distance is not restricted, and realize the multi network integration. LAN with the system of any workstation computer can be based on the size of the right to broadcast the system to the system to add or remove programs.
5 two-way intercom function
IP terminal and IP terminal to achieve 22 two-way intercom. Help signal bell tip, a key to receive help, intercom function, fast connection.

Customer feedback
1, timing playback function is very user-friendly, easy to learn, easy to operate, to break the traditional analog broadcast to the computer room to operate the key programming mode.
2, the system performance is stable, the failure rate is very low, the maintenance is simple, real-time monitoring of regional terminal working state.
3, IP network broadcast system not only display intuitive, more convenient operation, user-friendly, easy to learn easy to understand.

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