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Project name: Shanxi agricultural university
Project number:
On time: 2018-01-01


Shanxi agricultural university is a famous higher agricultural universities in our country, the only agricultural colleges and universities in Shanxi Province, one of the founding of the former two undergraduate universities in Shanxi Province, the first get a master's degree authorization, the seventh batch of doctorate authorized one of the colleges and universities, colleges and universities, the ministry of education undergraduate teaching assessment excellent provincial colleges and universities with the ministry of agriculture, the national first batch of deepening the reform of creative education demonstration of colleges and universities, national foundation ability construction of colleges and universities in the Midwest, shanxi higher education comprehensive reform pilot colleges and universities.
Shanxi agricultural university has a variety of lecture halls, lecture halls, banquet halls and other halls. The class environment is diversified, and the requirements for audio system are very high in terms of sound quality, performance and operability. KING-BANG audio processing system is the core, providing it with a complete set of high-quality audio system solutions.
The sound amplification system of shanxi agricultural university is different from that of conventional classrooms, for example, a large number of sound pickup microphones in the same space, echo problems in remote teaching, different sound pickup devices in the report type classroom, etc. The DB24 digital audio processor of choice by king-bang solves these problems well with its powerful processing power and advanced algorithms.
In lecture halls or lecture halls, speakers vary in volume due to the use of a variety of sound picking devices, such as gooseneck microphones and wireless handheld devices. King-bang USES its professional equalizer to ensure that the volume of all microphones within a certain range is within an equilibrium range. The technology of automatic frequency shift feedback suppressor and 12-channel tuning table and professional power amplifier can more accurately identify the required signal for processing, enabling the system to adjust the volume in real time to ensure accurate output. The sound quality is so clear that the audience will no longer miss anything and will no longer have to adjust the volume of the microphone before the meeting.
Type in the discussion in the classroom for students to speak, and to ensure that all phone moment in an open state, Beijing electronic bond (KING - BANG) to realize the common threshold mixer can achieve microphone management function, at the same time, also to eliminate the common threshold mixer prone to eat a word problem, in that all open microphone, won't produce too much gain, both speech and can guarantee clear can understand.
After the project was put into use, the person in charge of the project of shanxi agricultural university said that the sound of classrooms and lecture halls on the campus was excellent and stable, the quality of speech in class was good, and the operation was simple and convenient. The quality and considerate service of king-bang audio system provides a good teaching environment and reliable system guarantee for shanxi agricultural university to become a world-class university.

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