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Project name: The KING-BANG broadcasting sys
Project number:
On time: 2018-03-20


With superior geographical environment and sound management services, hainan island resort has won the praise of the vast number of tourists. Hainan island resort has always made every guest experience unparalleled. At hainan 18 to the blue resort hotel, you will feel unprecedented extraordinary life.
01/ system features
Hainan 18 du LAN resort adopts KING-BANG IP public broadcasting system, and the transmission aspect is based on TCP/IP protocol. From the main control room to the sub-control center, the broadcast is controlled centrally to realize fast and reliable information communication. Under the control of king-bang IP network public broadcast software, IP network speakers can be hung at any place where network signals arrive. KING-BANG IP network public broadcasting system has truly realized the public broadcasting function of "unlimited distance and multi-directional interaction", bringing a new audio-visual sense to hainan 18 du LAN resort.
02/ solution
The public broadcasting system of the hotel is mainly used for daily broadcasting business broadcasting, background music, information broadcasting, etc., and also for fire emergency broadcasting. Belong to the system is given priority to with background music, play the voice broadcast is complementary, at the same time satisfy the remote paging broadcast and so on is a body comprehensive public broadcasting system, such as daily can make use of radio transmission related knowledge of leisure light music, voice, etc., information broadcasting and background music playback can be partitioned, divided into periods, prepared in advance by the system host, the host for automatic operation, can realize the system automatically run, unattended, automatically choose the music playing, playing time automatic control, automatic selected play the humanized function such as area, convenient, simple and quick operation.

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