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Kingbang IP network broadcasting system is stationed in zhoukou vocational and technical college to escort students on their way to study

Number:508      Posted Time:12-25-2018
 Project background
Zhoukou vocational and technical college was approved by henan provincial people's government in April 2001, and put on record by the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China.
School covers an area of 1655 mu, total construction area of 285000 square meters, fixed assets 510 million yuan, the total cost of the total value of 131.71 million yuan of teaching facilities, library collection of 1.24 million books, experiment training venues and internship training base, 226 face-to-face, multimedia classroom and language lab seat 4300, 1490 sets of teaching by computer, two standard track and field stadium, teaching facilities, campus environment elegant.
The project requirements
Zhoukou vocational and technical college to students for the college teaching building, administration building, restaurant, library, student apartments, college square, decorate the waters surrounding areas such as background music speakers (outdoor horn waterproof), strives to build intelligent campus broadcasting system, to use IP network construction of the campus teaching equipment can realize manual automatically play background music or radio paging, meet everyday school radio function;
Guangzhou jingbang electronic technology co., LTD
System function
Background music automatic playback: it can automatically play all kinds of background music and music ringtones of the upper and lower classes. The college can play different broadcast contents according to the needs of the college.
Broadcast paging function: the remote paging microphone can be set up at the school radio station, which can be used as emergency paging or business broadcasting. When the school needs to find things and find people or warm reminder service, it is not necessary to go to the machine room in person, and the paging broadcasting can be carried out in some divisions or the whole area of the school, which is simple and quick to operate.
Fire linkage alarm broadcast: when there is a fire accident in the school, according to the alarm mode set in advance, the system receives the fire center trigger signal and immediately cuts it into the fire emergency broadcast within a few seconds, automatically plays the alarm voice to the school fire area, which has the effect of timely evacuation of people, accurate.
Remote control: the system is equipped with wireless remote control kit, which can realize remote control of the system.
Telephone paging: the system configures the telephone paging equipment, realizes the remote telephone calling system, and carries on the telephone remote broadcast.

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