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King-bang electronics creates a conference system for the multi-functional hall of guangxi chongzuo vocational college of sports

Number:463      Posted Time:01-08-2019
 The project requirements
With the development of multimedia and information technology, schools, teachers, parents and students pay more and more attention to the campus hardware and software equipment, teaching resources and other issues. As a result of the school work demand, often needs to hold each kind of big and small conference, like teacher daily preparation meeting, teaching staff summary weekly meeting, activity preparation meeting, student union meeting, academic exchange meeting and so on.
It is hoped that the construction of the conference system can satisfy the school leaders to control and manage the conference, including stable and pure sound transmission, clear and orderly discussion, flexible and controllable speech. The voting shall be prompt and accurate; Make the whole system has good compatibility.
Guangxi left part states the function of sports vocational college to use Beijing electronic (KING - BANG) products, first of all, in the light of the quality of staff meeting in sound transmission and high stability of the system requirement, clear and bright amplification effect, a sound system to can meet at the meeting of intelligibility and sound field uniformity, also to meet the internal activities of large dynamic.
System analysis
According to the layout and requirements of the meeting room, king-bang has configured a multi-functional digital conference system, which supports multiple meeting modes and has multiple meeting interfaces to meet the needs of different meetings.
In a multimedia system is the main function of meeting on meeting place, for the sound reinforcement system, the system design requirements to achieve the normal standard, the compatibility of the system should also be considered, integrity, scalability, interoperability, resource sharing and other issues, so we combined closely with the architectural acoustics design amplification system, adopting the combination of centralized and decentralized amplification design, make whole room sound field uniform, loudness, appropriate hi-fi playback, no distortion, noise and other issues.
Jing state (King - Bang) conference system configuration of the wireless microphone, with four channel automatic frequency shift feedback suppressor, mixer, processor, professional power amplifier, professional audio and other peripheral equipment, will greatly simplify the complex process of operation, the control effect is very good, attendees will also be able to obtain good phenomenon of the meeting.
King-bang conference system helps chongzuo sports vocational college to build "advanced, reliable and practical", which greatly improves the management level of multi-function hall of chongzuo sports vocational college to carry out the meeting, improve the process of meeting, and make the meeting available anytime and anywhere.

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