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Kingbang electronic creates a digital conference system for huicheng district post office in huizhou city

Number:484      Posted Time:01-24-2019
 Huicheng post office is located at 119 nan 'an road, huicheng district, huizhou city, guangdong province.
To implement and implement the laws, regulations, guidelines and policies of the state on postal services and the standards of postal services.
(2) to study and draw up the development plan for the district postal service.
To supervise and administer the implementation of local postal markets and special postal services such as universal postal services and confidential communications.
(4) to be responsible for supervision and statistics of industrial production safety.
To ensure the security of postal communications and information.
(6) to undertake other tasks assigned by the postal administrations of provinces (districts and municipalities) and municipal (prefectures) people's governments.
The project requirements
With the rapid development of modern science and technology, the traditional conference system has been unable to adapt to the needs of modern conference system, especially for large conferences.
Today's digital conference system, with simplified procedures and diversified functions, can control and manage meetings, including sound transmission, stability and purity, and clear and orderly discussion, making the whole conference form highly effective.
Nowadays, post offices need to build a conference system with the following functions, such as: check-in, speech, voting, conference amplification and conference process control.
System function
Main functions of the system
(1) the conference voting and discussion system has the functions of discussion, voting and election, etc., in which the host can set up the working modes such as "fifo mode", "restricted mode", "free mode" and "application mode".
(2) the central centralized control system of the conference room is equipped with central control host, power controller, light regulator, volume regulator and other equipment as the core control equipment of the central centralized control system of the conference room, which can realize the functions of environment control, conference process control, projection screen and hanger lifting control and so on.
(3) the conference room is equipped with professional sound amplification system, including professional amplifiers, professional speakers, professional peripheral effect processing equipment, etc., which can well amplify and restore the voice of speakers in the meeting in high fidelity, so that all participants can clearly hear each speaker's speech.

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