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Product name: Dual 10-inch line array - Full
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KS Series line array PA system with high sensitivity, penetrating power, projection distance, voice clear and transparent, inter-regional sounds more uniform sound pressure and other characteristics.
System comes equipped with specialized rigging fittings, suitable for most applications. Connector housing configured multi-angle, installation is simple, easy and efficient.
KS series dual eight-inch full-range speaker line array, two ten-inch full-range speaker linear arrays, single, double linear array eighteen inch subwoofer, are free with the use of the composition of three-way line array PA system.
KS speaker array system of high frequency, low frequency means low, high temperature, medium energy conversion efficiency of generated modulation, setting the shortest distance from the coupling, to produce undistorted wavefront. The system is widely used in medium-sized venues, concert, theater, theme parks, music Plaza.
System components HF: 1X3 "compressed magnetic drive unit (75 core) LF: 2 × 10" low frequency magnetic drive unit
2. Frequency Response (-3dB) 63Hz-19kHz
3. Rated Power HF: 100W, LF; 600W
4. Long-term continuous power HF: 200W, LF; 1200W
5. The horizontal coverage 100 ° x10 °
6. Sensitivity (1m / 1W) HF: 106dB, LF: 99dB
7. Maximum SPL HF: 133dB / 136dB LF: 128dB / 131dB
8. impedance HF :: 8Ω, LF: 8Ω
9. The plate 18 cm birch plywood aqueous wear resistant paint, aluminum hanging pieces,
10. The outer dimensions: 800mmX320mmX450MM.

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