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Product name: 12 inch back to listen to spea
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Technical Features
1. Single 12-inch 2-way 2 unit
2. Low distortion sound pressure and superior performance constant directivity horn: 70 ° x 70 ° coverage angle design, automatic recovery tweeter overload protection circuit.
3. designed specifically for the stage to listen to, for angle, placing a simple, clear and transparent sound.
1.KC-812M high-quality 12-inch 2-way Speaker back to listen to a model! Low distortion, wide range, high-frequency fine, if full, clear voice, throat feeling relaxed, low-bouncing good.
2. The unit consists of: 12 75-inch woofer X1,44 magnetic core 190 magnetic core 120 treble drive head X1
3. Surface: black spray paint green point
4. Housing: Featured 18mm + 25mm MDF
5. mask: 1mm strengthen steel hardness
6. Rigging: M8 screw X12, aluminum support base X1
7. Connectors: NEUTRIK NL4 X2 nominal
8. Impedance: 8Ω Frequency response: (+ - 3dB) 48Hz-20kHz
9. Sensitivity: (1W / 1m) 99 dB
10. Rated power: 440W
11. Peak power: 880W
12. Match the power: 400-800W @ 8Ω
13. The maximum sound pressure: 123dB
14. Weight: 20kg
15. Dimensions: mm (height X width X depth): 570X355X275

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