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Product name: IP network paging speaker (wit
product code:
On time: 2017-01-01


Product use:
1. 7-inch IP broadcast touch screen paging microphone; Its operation is simple, convenient, the function is more complete than general paging microphone, can broadcast to all kinds of terminals in the network, one-way propaganda, two-way intercom and listen to other operations;
2. Applicable to call center, alarm center, duty room, leadership office, conference room and other occasions.
Product overview:
1. Desktop design with 7-inch color display resistance touch screen, humanized operation interface, no operation to go to sleep, low power consumption and power saving;
2. The full-duplex two-way intercom function can be realized with terminals, paging microphones, etc., as well as the broadcasting and file playback function for each point, region and all regions;
It supports one key to realize pager intercom and broadcast any terminal function. It can customize the number of function keys. According to the user situation, it provides four kinds of shortcut key display interface with the number of 4, 8, 12 and 32, which is convenient and intuitive.
4. Red emergency help button is available to realize quick help function, and support the function of one-click help shortcut key for customization;
5. Built-in input method function can realize text file local editing and broadcasting function, can modify and edit text file locally, and can directly convert text file in local usb disk or SD card into audio file for broadcasting;
6. USB port, SD card with its own, and support audio files of vod or broadcast USB disk, SD card and server.
7. Short circuit control input and output interface can realize trigger linkage function;
8. It has a 10/100mrj45 network interface and supports the automatic acquisition of IP address by DHCP.
9. Built-in 3W full-frequency loudspeaker with clear sound and high brightness, can play local audio and receive remote audio signals for local playback, and can also realize monitoring function;
10. It has a hands-free call function and supports external earphones or audio source speakers for external playback;
11. Can receive multiple intercom call functions and automatically queue, and support the function of missed call reminder and quick callback at the same time;
Product parameters:
Model K - 315A
Circuit, output 775 mv Ω 1 k
The output power 4 Ω, 3 w
Enter 400mV for the line
MIC input 50 mv
Sampling rate 8 KHZ, 48 KHZ
Power input DC5V, 3A
The power consumption of 15 w or less

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