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Product name: Dual channel professional digi
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LA series of 1U thin volume, simple, stylish design, with the highest efficiency of the D circuit, the efficiency reached 90%, which makes the smaller volume to make strong power, because of its high efficiency, low heat, which can reduce the fan speed, greatly reduced the working noise of the machine. Thermal conductivity is the use of very high efficiency ceramic chip, power tube can rapidly release deposition heat. And the body temperature difference between large, excellent heat radiation effect circuit using IR's classical scheme, voice clear and bright. Full power, a wide range of applications, suitable for large conference sound reinforcement system, performance and senior clubs, cinemas and multifunctional hall and other places.
Channel number: 2
8 load: 650W
4 load: 1050W
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz +3/-3dB
Total harmonic distortion: 1KHz < 0.05%@8.
SNR: > 80dB
Conversion rate: 40V/ s
Damping coefficient: > 200@8.
Channel isolation: 1KHz > 1000dB@8.
Input impedance: 20K (balance) /10k (unbalance)
Input sensitivity: 1V
Height: 1U

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