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Product name: Chairman unit KM-8600A
product code:
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Functional characteristics:
1, mobile phone anti electromagnetic interference function;
2 electronic table and conference system integration, efficient and convenient.
3 have a floor key and indicator light, can control / indicate the status of the machine;
4 single point, anti gas boom, with the wind shield;
5 can be wound around the condenser microphone, and has a floor indicator;
6 by the system host KM-8600 power supply, input voltage 24V full range;
7 units using the 8 core line "T" type connection;
Two 8 sets of 3.5mm stereo output socket, can be used to record and connect the headset;
9 meet the international conference equipment electrical certification standards (IEC 60914) and the international safety standards UL or CE certification.
10 system electronic table board
11 card table using TFT digital color screen display content is clear, bright, bright color;
12 participants can display the name and position, photos, logo, trademarks, graphics and other information, display rich content;
13 supporting software can display the contents of the color, language, font, word count, background and size of any editing;
14 through the USB interface to import content, import speed;
Technical parameter:
Attend the unit
1 frequency response: 80Hz~16kHz
2 sensitivity: -44dB + 2dB
3 reference distance: 15cm~50cm
4 microphone rod length: 390mm
5 appearance size: 243mmX145mmX65mm
6 net weight: 1 kg
7 other: liquid crystal display, simple, numerous, English three language settings
System electronic table board
1 screen size: display: 9 "16:9 TFT
2 resolution: 800*480
3 color: 262K
4 product size: 200mmx110mmx20mm
5 support interface: class a USB interface

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