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Product name: Chairman unit KM-662A
product code:
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1 microphone is a speaking button and indicator light, can control the machine state / instructions
2 single point, anti gas boom, with wind shield
3 chairman of the priority control keys, the system can be activated to remind the attention of the system prompt attention, can be set to permanently terminate or suspend the termination of the
4 speak on behalf of the state to speak microphone
The chairman unit number 5 in the system is not restricted, and can be placed at any location in the loop
Chairman of the 6 unit system is not restricted by the limit function
7 around the capacitor microphone pole, and speak at indicating halo
8 high sensitivity microphone
The 9 unit system by host power supply, the input voltage range of 18V is safe
The 10 unit uses 8 core line "T" type connection
11.KM-XXXAS/KM-XXXBS with automatic image tracking function
12 equipped with a microphone unit connection line
13 in line with the International Conference on electrical equipment certification standards (IEC 60914) and international safety standard UL or CE certification
14 frequency response: 50-16kHz
15 sensitivity: -42dB + 2dB
16 reference speaker distance: 15cm-50cm
17 microphone tube length: 390mm
18 size: 200mmx120mmx64mm
19 net weight: 1kg

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