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Product name: Wireless conference system hos
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System description:
1 this system is a set of wireless conference system working at the frequency of UHF, digital control, multiple speech mode, can be connected with the host to realize video image tracking function. Attend the unit power supply can use ordinary batteries, can use rechargeable lithium batteries, convenience and environmental protection. The system is simple and easy to operate, free of engineering and installation, economic and practical, is the first choice for the conference project.
Functional characteristics:
1 using FM FM to achieve sound signal transmission, high fidelity, high signal to noise ratio, no sound delay. The use of unique new antilarsen single point high sensitivity capacitance microphone core, make the meeting nearly perfect voice.
2 audio channels and control channels are used in wireless transmission, without laying the cable, the signal coverage range can be arbitrarily moved to make the venue layout convenient and flexible.
The 3 algorithm for data communication conference application of independent research and development, so that the signal range, the response speed of the system is not affected by how much influence the unit attendance. The user can flexibly attend unit. The factory default system capacity is less than or equal to 255 in units (including 1 Chairman).
4 with 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, chairman of rotation limiting proprietary multi conference speech mode, the main machine can be connected with the host video, realize the video tracking function unit to attend the meeting.
5 ultra low power consumption, in continuous speech units larger than 8 hours and more than 20 hours of standby time; all 5 ordinary batteries or lithium batteries using the original manufacturers. The supporting charging box is provided with an intelligent charging management circuit, which can effectively protect the battery, prolong the service life of the battery and ensure the safety.
6 large screen LCD display. Classification menu design, so that the operation is simple and convenient. And there are many functions such as electric quantity display and under voltage warning, frequency channel and signal indication.
7 master the full metal structure design, dignified and generous; attend unit made of engineering plastic materials and design, novel built-in antenna, beautiful and decent.
Main control machine technical index:
1 power input: DC12V-15V = 1A
2 power consumption: < 7W
3 working temperature of -10 DEG C - 40 DEG C
The size of the 4 main control machine (W * H * D * 100mm (2U: 485mm), including the chassis mat) * 355mm
5 main control machine weight: 7.2 kg
6 audio channel
7: UHF wireless communication (one-way)
8 channel number: 5 (1 chairman unit pathway, 4 representative unit pathway)
9 frequency range (frequencies available in 500MHz - 950MHz range)
10 demodulation mode: FM
11 receiving sensitivity: -100dBm
12 control channel
13 communication mode: UHF wireless mode (bidirectional)
14 channel number: 16
15 frequency range: 438.4MHz - 422.4MHz
16 modulation: FSK
17 receiving sensitivity: -100dBm
18 radiation power: less than +6dBm
19 frequency deviation: <0.002
20 data rate: 100KBPS

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