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Product name: Two frequency division single
product code:
On time: 2017-01-01


 Technical characteristics
1. Single 10-inch 2-minute frequency 2 units
2. Low distortion, loudly pressure constant directivity horn and superior performance: 70 ° x 60 ° Angle design, is uniform and smooth axial and eccentric axial response, horizontal hanging, flexible and easy to use.
3. Automatic recovery of high-pitched overload protection circuit.  
The performance characteristics of
1. Kc-810 model of high quality 10-inch 2-minute full frequency speaker! Low distortion, wide range, high frequency fine, medium frequency full, clear voice, loose throat feeling, low frequency bounce is good.
2. Wide application, suitable for high-end conference rooms, KTV rooms, banquet halls and other indoor main sound amplification and sound supplement, but also to meet the requirements of sound quality of small outdoor SHOW (SHOW) amplification requirements.
3. Unit composition: 10-inch 75-core 190 magnetic bass unit X1, 44-core 120 magnetic treble drive head X1
4. Surface: spray some black environmental protection paint
5. Shell: select 18mm+25mm medium density plate
6. Mask: 1mm hardened steel mesh
7. Hanger: M8 screw X12, aluminum support base X1
8. Connector: NEUTRIK NL4 X2 nominal
9. The impedance: 8 Ω frequency response: (+ - 3 db) 48 hz - 20 KHZ
10. Sensitivity :(1W/1m) 98 dB
11. Rated power: 350W
12. Peak power: 700W
13. The matching power: 350-700 - w @ 8 Ω
14. Maximum sound pressure: 121dB
15. Weight: 21kg
16. Size: mm (height X width X depth) : 540X310X350

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