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Function Introduction
There RCA, XLR jack, suitable for large, medium and small public press occasions;
There 70V / 100V constant voltage output, 4 to 16 (Europe) impedance output;
Output volume can be adjusted;
With perfect output short circuit, overload, overheating and other protection functions;
The use of advanced high efficiency power amplifier circuit with a voltage limiter circuit to limit the input signal is too large;
Within the newly designed machine windy road amplifier cooling system structure to ensure that the machine has high stability;
Performance parameters
Model: K-81000
Output Power: 1000W
Output: 4 ~ 16 OHMS (Europe) impedance output, 70V / 100V constant voltage output
Auxiliary output: 600 OHMS (Europe) / 1V (0DBV)
Microphone Input: 600 OHMS (Europe), 10MV (-54DBV), unbalanced
Line in the input: 10K OHMS (Europe), 250 MV (-10 DBV), unbalanced
Frequency response: 60HZ-18KHZ
The degree of distortion: <1% at 1KHZ, 1/3 rated power output
SNR: line 70dB, 66dB mic
Volume can be adjusted: BASS: ± 10 DB (100HZ), TREBLE: ± 10DB (10KHZ)
Power: AC220V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60HZ
Fuse: 20A
Dimensions: 485 × 426 × 132mm
Weight: 25.5 Kg

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