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Product name: 16-way partition is controlled
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 Function Introduction
16 separate partition select partition arbitrary switching, without disturbing each other;
5-way signal input, of which four inputs and a priority program input;
By the intelligent control of the central controller and computer software;
With an address code selection, and the machine can be used in conjunction with more than one;
Strong cut with manual paging alarm function;
Partition-work status display;
Partition total control of the power capacity of up to 1.5KW;
Region on / off control function;
Dual relay control circuit while double-cut, channel isolation> = 80DB, solve mutual crosstalk between channels and other issues;
Performance parameters
Controlled Zoning: 16 Partition
A set of inputs: CH1 ~ CH4
Group B input: CH5 ~ CH8
Group C input: CH9 ~ CH12
Group D input: CH13 ~ CH16
Communication: 485
Control: Controlled / Manual
Power: AC220V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60HZ
Power Consumption: 10 ~ 15W
Protection: AC FUSE (0.5A) X 2
Dimensions: 485X390X90 MM
Weight: 7.5KG

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