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Product name: 16-way power timing devices co
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Function Introduction
Microcomputer control, each outlet maximum capacity of 3 KVA, total capacity of 6KVA;
In order to open / close the 16-way power equipment, power protection from impact;
A safety lock for manual emergency control;
Can be connected with intelligent central controller to achieve the power to automatically open and close;
Address code selection feature, you can use more than one and machines;
With emergency trigger interface (when the unit detects a short circuit activation signal, automatically turn on the order of each power supply, after the elimination of the short-circuit signal, automatic sequence power off);
After the shutdown, can completely determine the impact;
This machine is directly connected to the power input cable and industrial electrical automatic air switch;
Performance parameters
Controlled Power Quantity: 16
Single Capacity: 3KVA
Machine capacity: 6KVA
Action Interval: 0.4S ~ 0.5S
Communication: 485
Control: Controlled / Manual
Power: AC220V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60HZ
Power consumption: 50W
Protection: AC FUSE (0.5A) X 2
Dimensions: 485X390X90mm
Weight: 8KG

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