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Product name: Cheap IP network front end K-3
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1, the standard rackmount design, black brushed aluminum faceplate, humane pumping hands, sophisticated technology, filling high-grade temperament; through the network receives an IP network broadcast server remotely transmitted audio files and control signals;
2, using hardware decoding audio form, built-in hardware codec chip, real-time signal acquisition function for local as well as audio decoding capabilities;
3, with a call to receive a broadcast, the broadcast function: single or multiple IP terminals, partition, the region calls via computer;
4, with a road local microphone, 1 local line inputs, a line-output interface, comes with 2 * 20W amplifier, speakers can add fixed resistance; * Support DHCP to obtain an IP address automatically;
5, remote terminal has priority function, can automatically override feature tiered priority, emergency broadcasting, etc;
6, the terminal built-in intelligent power management features that can add peripheral devices such as amplifiers and other equipment noted in the sound automatically turn on or off the external power amplifier;
* 7, after having a power amplifier control interface: a power amplifier soft open and close control interface, can add more than one high-power amplifier with rear controls, without configuring power timing devices can be directly control multiple power amplifier power switch;
8, with three signal priority function can be interrupted by a high-level low-level broadcast;
* 9, the standard 2-channel 10 / 100M RJ45 network switch interface, the interface without the input and output points;
10, having a feeding terminal function, by IP broadcasting software operation of any one terminal can transmit voice to one or more other terminals specified by the network;
11, the terminal can be set standby duration time from: arbitrarily set between 1-99 minutes, the user can the specific circumstances of each partition to be set after the end of the task, how long closed amplifier, a user-friendly held various activities;
* 12, optional TF card module, enabling automatic disconnection bell function, to regularly broadcast the server timed tasks automatically updated to TF card to ensure that when the bell off the net for the latest timing broadcasting task. * 13 optional modules 2A-24V strong cut, you can control the volume switch cut open and strong;
14, with one-way RS232 serial port as well as a short circuit path interface, RS232 serial port can be externally controlled power timing, zoning control, 24V power supply and other equipment and strong cut, short-circuit interface allows linkage control, K-335 Rackmount IP network broadcast terminal This integrated function. 

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