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Product name: Demand IP network terminal K-3
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1, wall-mounted IP network terminals, 3-inch bright LCD screen (resolution of 128 * 64), man-machine operation using the remote keyboard, LCD screen display menu, through the network receives an IP network broadcast server and remote transmission of audio files control signal;
2, 2 * 20W built-in two-channel stereo power amplifier can be played directly to external speakers;
3, the local has two 10 / 100M RJ45 network switch interface, the interface without the input and output points;
4, the local has a two-channel line inputs, a microphone input, a line output interface, the local energy external microphone and line input device for local sound, capable of local microphone and line input volume adjustment, can be output to PA sound reinforcement;
* 5, support DHCP to obtain an IP address automatically;
6, using hardware decoding audio form, integrated IP network hardware decoding module can receive music from the server remotely transmit real-time playback, and can receive broadcast calling features;
7, can operate independently from the network, such as multimedia applications in the classroom, both as a broadcast terminals, but also as a multimedia classroom use combos, terminal automatically switches to broadcast state, after the broadcast is complete, but also as a multimedia classroom use;
8, the configuration of the remote control, on-demand server, audio files, you can easily control the program's fast-forward, rewind, play, pause and bookmark settings, with the order cycle and other multi-player mode;
* 9, with USB interface, support U disk playback and recording, can local teacher in the class of real-time recording content;
10, support full-duplex two-way intercom function, comes with echo cancellation;
* 11, having a terminal feeding function, can be transmitted directly or through the local operating terminal through the IP broadcasting software operation allows any voice terminal through a network to one or more other terminals specified;
12, the audio file support MP3, WMA, OGG and other formats, broadcast a maximum bit rate: 192K / S (44.1,16);
13, with three signal priority function can be interrupted by a high-level low-level broadcast;
* 14, optional analog broadcasting backup module, when the network broadcast fails, the terminal will automatically switch to analog broadcast;
* 15, optional TF card module, enabling automatic disconnection bell function, to regularly broadcast the server timed tasks automatically updated to TF card to ensure that when the bell off the net for the latest timing broadcasting task;
* 16, optional 0.3A-24V strong cutting module, you can control the volume switch cut open strong;
* 17, optional monitor module can monitor the terminal site.

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