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Product name: IP network intercom paging mic
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1, bright LCD screen (resolution of 128 * 64), man-machine operation using a keyboard, user-friendly human-machine interface, operating via the LCD display;
2, for each point, each region and all regional broadcasting;
3, with the various terminals, IP paging microphone to achieve full-duplex two-way intercom function, enter the IP terminal number you can achieve full-duplex two-way intercom;
* 4, comes with 27 keys (including numeric keys, function keys, menu key, shortcut keys, etc.), can each terminal, the district, the region and broadcast operations through the key implementation, simple and quick operation;
5, built-in 2W full-range monitor speakers, clear voice, loud and clear;
6, with electric bells chime microphone tips and broadcast functions;
7, support for external headset, speakerphone function, but also has the function to receive the broadcast;
8, local pickup is equipped with high-sensitivity microphone, with the way the local line inputs, one audio auxiliary output interface, can external powered speakers or an external amplifier equipment;
9, can local lines, microphones and other audio signals, real-time encoding into high-quality audio data stream, broadcast to the specified terminal;
* 10, when receiving multiple intercom paging terminal, with automatic queuing function;
* 11, can remotely play MP3 audio files directly to each terminal;
12, DC12V DC power supply connector. 

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