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Product name: IP Network Power Amplifier 360
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1,1 Road 70W / 24V strong cut power output, 2 shorted outputs, used in fire alarm when the speaker volume to maximum cut
2, with the amplifier power indicator protection indicator amplifier, power amplifier and eliminate peak signal lights work
3, the amplifier has over-current, overload, over temperature and other protection, the power output of 100V, 70V, 4 ~ 16Ω
4, having a feeding terminal presentation capabilities, voice can either terminal is fed to one or more other terminals specified by the network;
5, the terminal can set the frame length of standby time, the time from: arbitrarily set between 1-99 minutes, the user can the specific circumstances of each partition to be set after the end of the task, how long closed amplifier, in order to facilitate Users hold various activities.

Product Overview:
A network-based IP amplifier, built-60W / 120W / 240W / 360W power can be directly carried amplified external speakers.
2, the standard two 10 / 100M RJ45 network switch interface, supports LAN and WAN
3, comes with echo cancellation, and 3W full-range speakers, enter the IP terminal number for broadcast or intercom;
4,1-local line inputs, a mic input, 1 channel audio output, 1 232 serial output
5, audio file support MP3, WMA, OGG, and other formats, broadcast a maximum bit rate: 192K / S (44.1,16), on-demand maximum bit rate 320K / S (44.1,16), audio hardware decoding;
6, with three signal priority function, network alarm is the highest priority, network audio player finished playing autoresponders local state

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