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Product name: Smart Module radio host K-6900
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Controlled by computer software systems, computer programming software interface clear, simple and quick programming; you can set the high-capacity music library on your computer, to achieve program automatically play;
3U panel multifunction key distribution, the 4-inch LCD screen, Chinese interface operation;
Matrix has audio playback, simulcast, partition paging, emergency radio, fire linkage, telephone remote paging, sub-control station remote paging and other functions;
Features 10 shortcut keys, you can customize the shortcut key function to facilitate the common functions of a button operation; has six basic immediate operation keys;
The new programming mode, programmable 7 sets the program can be set up where a set of procedures for temporary, temporary program a key to call; pay peripheral circulation, each program free to copy, switch; 220 per day timed programming period, or programmed to run automatically manual operation; you can set a different program modes depending on the season or the weather; the system automatically run the program, and to achieve fixed, regular, scheduled programs, multi-streaming broadcast simultaneously in different regions and other functions;
Built-in MP3 module with USB interface, can be programmed directly insert U disk automatic timing, location, scheduled broadcast; MP3 audio module built a road with an emergency alarm priority and six dozen tones source;
Built-in powerful and flexible audio matrix, 7-channel audio signal input (1st input channel for urgent priority), 16-channel amplifier outputs, expandable to 64-channel amplifier output; can be manually or automatically controlled multi-source multi-channel switching, simple operation fast; each amplifier channel can simultaneously play different programs, without disturbing each other, to achieve multi-source in a different partition while playing different programs;
Built-in 4-way programmable timing control power, which is outside the control of the three-way or audio power amplifier, all the way to trigger output for emergency short time to open power timing devices;
Built-in monitor module can monitor audio or partition;
External control DVD, MP3 players, tuners, achieve timing, location, scheduled broadcast;
Host comes paging microphone, one-button operation, the region can be partitioned or paging, simple and quick; and an external microphone and a one-way road emergency line input;
Which can cascade eight remote sub-control paging station, remote control and remote paging function points;
Users can according to their habits, for any combination of partition, free programming;
32 Fire collection function (expandable to 1000 Road), an alarm is triggered automatically identify the alarm zone, instant activation of the alarm system; instant power system equipment into working condition; to achieve the partition, the region's police, or adjacent layers (N, N ± 1 ... N ± 5) alarm;
Telephone remote control module, enabling remote partition or grouping things broadcast phone, or pager notification functions;
Powerful power management capabilities outside the control of up to eight power management system to provide power;
Power failure protection for all editing program content is not lost, calls automatically resume operation;
Configuration 2G capacity U disk, random distribution of CD music library school;
An external expansion tank, increasing demand for large-scale systems engineering function modules required to solve for the system partition, multi-source, fire partition capacity.

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