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Product name: Programmable control system K-
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 Description: K-4980 programmable control panel with frequency up to 720MHZ of 32 embedded processor, built-in 1G memory and 8G storage FLASH. High-speed operation of complex logic instructions, a powerful built-in programmable interface that allows K-4980 can control almost all the external devices (including third-party devices), users can create their own IR code database, and even can be downloaded from the official website HKV The latest IR code library can be made to achieve a key double codes infrared control logic. Supports one KT-NET control bus, scalable up to 256 network devices. Ethernet control interface can be realized by extending the remote control of a computer.
Function Description:
TI OMAP3530 used by the US high-end processor, processing speed up to 1GHz;
Built-in 600MHz DSP processing chip that can handle large amounts of data;
Using FPGA programmable logic circuit XC3S200A, run faster, more stable system;
Host built 1G DDR2 memory and 8G capacity of large-capacity Flash memory;
Frequency IR learning function, covering all frequencies of infrared codes;
Supports the seamless integration of technology and CCSEB CMMAW power management technology;
8 independent programmable infrared emission interface can support up to 120 different infrared equipment;
16 programmable RS-232/422/485 control interface;
8 custom digital I / 0 control port can be set to trigger digital and analog modes;
8 independent weak + 30V / 1A relay control interface;
Supports one KT-NET control bus, scalable up to 256 network devices (such as: touch screen, dimmers, power controller, volume control, etc.);
Built-in WIFI network control interface, direct support for Apple IPAD, iPhone control
Full support for third-party devices and control protocol, customers can set a variety of control protocols and code itself;
Supports multi-code control, that made many a key code (IR IR, RS-485 code, RS-232 code)
Full use of international popular SMD (SMT) production process;
International universal power supply (110V-240V), suitable for any area;
High-quality, high-volume production, with high compatibility and stability, a higher price;
Simultaneously support multiple wireless touch screen control, wired touch screen, computer, network, wall panels;

Technical parameters:
IR learning methods: frequency-carrier
IR output port: 8
Infrared storage unit: 2048
IR carrier range: 18-100KHz
Infrared Accuracy: ± 0.2KHz
Infrared width: 80us-64ms
Infrared pulse interval: 80us-800ms
Programmable RS-232/485 interface:
Interface: RS-232, 9- pin female DB9 Interface
RS-232 output ports: 16
Baud Rate: 1200 to 115200 optional
Data bits: 5,6,7,8,
Stop bits: 1,2
Parity bit: None, Even, Odd
RS232 effective communication distance: 30M
RS485 effective communication distance: 300M
RS232 control port structure: 2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND
RS-485 control port structure: 4 = Data +, 8 = Data-, 5 = GND
IO Interface:
Interface: 5MM flat interface
Digital IO Interface: 8
Interface modes: digital and analog compatible
Level voltage: 0-5V
Level current: 200ma
Trigger level: + 5V
Trigger: high and short circuit to ground
Effective communication distance: 50M
Port Protection: ESD static protection
Relay Interface:
Rated voltage: 12VDC
Relay Interface: 8
Contact load: 1A
Rated power: 200mW
Contact Material: AuAg, Ag Alloy
Pull Time: Max.5ms
Release Time: Max.5ms
Contact resistance: Max.50M Europe
Switching Power: 30W
Insulation resistance: Min.100M Europe .500VDC
Dielectric Strength: 1,000VAC, 1min
Mechanical life: 10 million times
Working temperature: -25 ~ + 70 ° C
Relative humidity: 35% ~ 95RH, + 40
Vibration stability: 10 ~ 55Hz, 1.5mm

Control Interface:
Control Interface: RS-232, 9- pin female D-type connector
Baud Rate: 9600,
Data bits: 8,
Stop Bits: 1,
No parity
Serial Control Structure: 2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND
Effective communication distance: 10M
Control program: "control 3.0"
Wireless receiver interface:
Interface: RS-232, 9- pin female D-type connector
Baud Rate: 9600,
Data bits: 8,
Stop Bits: 1,
No parity
Effective communication distance: 10M
Serial Control Structure: 1 = + 5V, 2 = TX, 3 = RX, 5 = GND
Wireless / wired touch screen / control panel
Network Control
Computer software
Temperature: -40 ° ~ + 80 ° C
Humidity: 10% to 90%
Shell: aluminum shielding materials
Shake: ISTA 1A (International Safe Transit Association)
Follow the standard: CE / FCC A class / VCCI / AS / NZS / ICES

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