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Product name: AV digital management center K
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 Description: Jing Bang K-4990 Programmable Digital AV management center, with a dozen features, dedicated to meeting room control, cost-effective; built-in standard control procedures, not professional logic instructions, simple operation, and truly intelligent digital AV management center the concept of "control system, matrix switchers, seamless integration of conferencing systems" design concept, fully for the sake of users, to ensure that the system has good stability, compatibility, while simplifying operations, effective solution to the meeting room in each kinds of complex equipment, an array of knobs and faders, users can effectively improve work efficiency. The product can be widely used in the multi-purpose conference rooms, multimedia conference room, lecture hall, a public meeting.
Ten functional description:
Built-in programmable control system
Built-conference discussion system
Built-in voting system
Built-in camera tracking system
Built into 7 7 VGA Matrix
Built-in video matrix 13 into 7
Built-in 16 into 8 audio matrix
Built-in dual 6-segment digital equalizer
Built-in 8-channel video Quad
Built-in digital automatic feedback suppression

TI OMAP3530 used by the US high-end processor, processing speed up to 1GHz;
Built-in 600MHz DSP processing chip that can handle large amounts of data;
Using FPGA programmable logic circuit XC3S200A, run faster, more stable system;
Host built-in 2G DDR2 memory and 8G capacity of large-capacity Flash memory;
Frequency IR learning function, covering all frequencies of infrared codes;
Built-in infrared transmitter 8 independent programmable interface that can support up to 120 different infrared equipment;
Built-in 8-way programmable RS-232 control interface;
Built to the latest figures intelligent discussion and voting meeting, by extension machine can support 4096 on behalf of unit;
Built into 7 7 VGA matrix switcher;
Built-in video matrix switcher 13 into 7;
Support audio matrix switcher 16 into 8;
Built-in Scaler and LNB, VGA and AV switch between (optional)
Built-in real-time up to 8 split screen function (optional);
Built-in support for 4-way automatic camera tracking control interface
Built-in 1-way USB control interface
Built-in LAN network control interface, support network management and control
Built-in WIFI network control interface, direct support for Apple IPAD, iPhone control
Supports one KT-NET control bus, can be arbitrarily extended control module, such as multiple dimmers, multiple RF wireless receiver, multiple power supply controller, maximum support 256 network devices;
Full support for third-party devices and control protocol, customers can set a variety of control protocols and code itself;
Supports multi-code control, that made many a key code (IR IR, RS-485 code, RS-232 code)
Full use of international popular SMD (SMT) production process;
Supports the seamless integration of technology and CCSEB CMMAW power management technology;

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