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Product name: Cable color touch screen K-4L1
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Description: K-4L180 true color wired configuration 18-inch LCD touch-screen display with high resolution color display. As a result of the Texas Instruments OMAP 5 multicore processors and 2G of memory, a faster running speed experience, and the application of new control systems, control interface is more vivid and beautiful.

Multi-core Texas Instruments OMAP 5 processor, 2GHz processing speed;
Host built-in 2G DDR3 memory capacity;
Built-in high-capacity SSD 80G memory;
Using wide viewing angle IPS Colorful thin hard screen, 4: 3 ratio of gold;
Using industrial-grade 18-inch Sharp LCD screen ultra-book, high stability;
High resolution (1366X800) color widescreen display;
LED-backlit screen, the color is more beautiful and longer life;
Using resistive touch screen, simple and stable;
Support windows 7 system and Android4.0 system
Built-in TCP / IP networks to achieve two-way communication with the host;
Supports BMP, JPG, GIF, flash display;
Standby delay, off delay, network ID, volume, screen brightness is adjustable;
Supports text, 3D buttons, multi-state button, irregular button effects, vivid and beautiful user interface;
Rich sound buttons are free to choose the type;
Electronic calendar time display;
Multi-mode screen saver function;
Promise brightness adjustment (setting interface is completed);
Supports the seamless integration of technology and CCSEB CMMAW power management technology;

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