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Using the latest 32-bit embedded processor;
American hi-fi enthusiast PGA2311 using digital volume control chip;
With the top ADC chip AK5392 24bti / 192KHz, dynamic range and signal to noise ratio CD quality sound;
4 24bit DSP parallel processing, dynamic range 116dB, SNR 112dB;
A 16-channel input, with a second election switching function;
Each output signal with EQ sound adjustment process;
With eight-channel synchronous or asynchronous tuning capabilities, support for 7.1 channel tuning mode;
Built-in 32 sound field storage mode for quick calling;
Capable of 127dB wide range of adjustment;
Built-in shelf equalizer to optimize the system frequency response;
After the stage with 16 American enthusiast OPA2134 op amp composed of non-equilibrium, the equilibrium conversion and buffer amplifier;
Off state saving features;
Support microphone volume control;
Volume fade processing functions (volume is slowly reached the last volume status);
Beijing and other applicable state and other control systems in use;
For high-end conference rooms, function rooms, operational command center, auditorium, supermarket background music systems;
Quadruple independent control mode, manual button, remote control, computer software, RS-232 serial port;
High-quality, high-volume production, with high compatibility and stability, a higher price;
By 15KV static testing machine
Using a standard 19-inch 1U chassis, directly on the rack;

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