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Product name: Infrared Controller K-4816
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Product Description:
8-way infrared controller, simple operation, stable performance, the hotel restaurant, meeting rooms, dance halls, radio room, lecture hall and other occasions to control more than one choice for a variety of infrared devices, controllable equipment: DVD player, projectors, large screen TV, air conditioning, VCR and other infrared control devices.
Using Motorola MC68340 processor speed, run faster, more stable system;
Frequency IR learning function, covering all frequencies of infrared codes;
8 independent programmable infrared emission interface can support up to 60 different infrared equipment;
Super learning ability, adaptive various IR carrier, infrared remote control is compatible with the majority of the market
Permanent preservation recorded infrared codes, no missing codes phenomenon, support continuous hair code, stable and reliable.
Panel with power indicator, control status and channel indicator, intuitive operating status;
Immediate feedback signal status, to ensure the success of the control command issued.
Built-in software, hardware, dual watchdog, to ensure 7 * 24 hours continuous stable operation point;
Provides a standard RS-232C control instructions, easy to use touch-screen devices such as remote control;
Provides PC control and configuration software, out of the box;
This product is now live with the power switch and memory protection, with RS232 communication interface communication, you can easily and computers, remote control systems or remote control equipment (such as Beijing, state and other control systems) with the use;

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