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Product name: 8 matrix into 32 out of progra
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The light touch type keys and a key shuttle * 192 * 64 LCD display, full Chinese and graphic menu operation, the operation is simple and convenient.

With spring, summer, autumn, winter four sets of timing plan, each timed scheme with 99 points, according to the week run repeatedly. Each time point can control the partition of internal MP3, external audio source selection, 9 kinds of peripheral audio source (CD), tuner, booth, DVD players, audio at the same time in different parts of the play. Outside the control of 32 road power supply. 4 sets of timing scheme can be easily switch.

With 8 in 32 out signal distribution matrix, the input signal independent volume; The output signal to 32 road output channel signal attenuation; Each power amplifier channel can broadcast different program at the same time, each other.

* panel is equipped with a key in the calling function keys, the other with 32 channel partition paging shortcuts, use shortcuts that can be implemented to control the partition, the entire district; By bringing all the microphone paging, microphone volume is adjustable.

* a shortcut: audio matrix switch to choose, the power switch control, paging, partition paging, built-in MP3 or an external audio source instant playback controls.

* can cascade more remote paging microphone at the same time, to realize the remote control and remote paging functions; Through remote paging microphone partition, the entire district, power supply, audio control.

Host comes with 3 road controlled power source; Can be up to 32 power control external control.

To realize region-wide, partitions, N + 1... N + / - 5 adjacent layer fire alarm function, alarm reset into normal radio).

Can be online and wireless remote control receiver, remote control default 12 programmable buttons, a customizable key opening/closing partitions, choose audio source, selections, etc.

Power management and distributed control, the function such as MP3, open (space) remote control distance of up to 1000 meters.

And local connection online, radio, partition or grouping telephone remote transactions notification or paging, etc;

With memory function, power program is not lost, telephone automatic recovery to run the program.

Detailed reference number: type: K - 632

Control mode: automatic/manual

Power supply: AC220V ~ 240 v / 50 ~ 60 hz

Power consumption: 50 w

Size: 485 * 430 * 132 mm

Weight: 10.3


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